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    The hidden face of Érick

    Without a doubt, Érick has a marked preference for green… That’s why, as soon as the grass is reborn after a long winter, he walks on the soccer fields several days a week. Sometimes as many days as the days he works… He has had a passion for soccer since he was very young and he has passed it on to his children and the youngsters of the 3 teams he coaches on average per year! Long live the green!

Érick has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

He is president and founder of SEP Métrologie, a company specializing in the calibration of dimensional (mechanical) measuring and testing instruments. The company is now accredited by the highest standard in its field, ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

During the different jobs he has obtained, he has been able to perfect his knowledge and has been led to give training in industry, initially for his colleagues and later for other companies.

For the past 10 years, Érick has been providing training and technical support to a multinational company in the region on a weekly basis.

The success of his company shows that he has been a visionary. Being self-taught, he has adapted to the market to effectively meet the needs of his clients. In addition, to facilitate the management of more than 6,000 instruments divided among some 30 clients, he has developed, with the help of a programmer, a software that meets the exact requirements of ISO standards and also those of the principals in the aeronautics and medical sectors.

Moreover, he believes that training with practice is more effective, so he carefully prepares different practical interventions throughout his training courses so that the techniques are better assimilated.



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