Precision and accuracy: differences, advantages and use in measurement

01 July 2021

All companies engaged in the production of some kind of element require that their processes comply with certain parameters to ensure the quality of the same, so precision and accuracy are essential to meet that goal.

To ensure that the processes are fulfilled as they should be, there are other companies that are dedicated to the metrology service, they are responsible for making the dimensional measurements that their customers need, and that are necessary in their production processes.

However, many companies that may be requiring this service, really do not know it, and many do not know what are the differences, advantages and uses that are given in the measurement of two widely used concepts, such as precision and accuracy.

To dispel many doubts, we will explain a little more about these definitions, so that companies that are in need of measurement service, can know what they really require for the fulfillment of their production processes.


Accuracy and precision: differences between them

When applying these two terms to the area of scientific or industrial engineering, the meaning of these two terms is different, although they are generally used interchangeably.

When talking about accuracy, it refers to how close one is to achieving the correct results and improvements through tools that have been calibrated correctly; but precision refers to the consistency that made it possible to obtain the same result with the same method, but with tools that are more sophisticated.

There are companies that for their production processes need is accuracy in their measurement system, the degree of closeness of their measurements of a quantity to the real value that has the same; while the accuracy in a measurement system is related is to repeatability and reproducibility, so it is the degree to which the measurements that have been repeated in conditions that have not been altered, show the same result.

These are words that may seem synonymous when used colloquially, but for the scientific method they are deliberately contrasted.

Given all that has been explained, a measurement system can be accurate even if it is not precise; it can also be precise and not accurate; or neither.

At this point you may be asking yourself ¿why precision and accuracy are important in a production company?, and it is a totally valid question, this is due to the fact that if these companies do not have an exhaustive control of the measurements with which they work, their production may become complicated, even causing them to have to stop and this will result in losses in the millions of dollars.

Therefore, companies that offer to take care of the measurement systems of other companies, not only offer this service, they can also calibrate the measurement equipment they have, and even sell more advanced equipment for the sector in which they work, all with the intention of improving their production processes.

With precision and accuracy, companies manage to comply with each of the ISO standards required by the sector in which they work, in order to avoid any type of error that may exist in this regard.


Advantages of precision and accuracy in measurement

Many of the advantages of precision and accuracy have already been mentioned in previous lines, but to be more specific, these are the following:

  • Improve production processes
  • Allow to have the equipment perfectly calibrated
  • Offer more reliable measurements for production processes.
  • Guarantee the quality of the production process, as well as the quality of the final products that are made there
  • Generates higher productivity and productivity

Use in the measurement of precision and accuracy

Considering the concepts, differences and advantages of precision and accuracy in measurement, it is important to emphasize the following

In the measurement, it is important to emphasize that all this is used with the intention of improving the reality of a company, reduce the complexity of them, thanks to their production processes will be more effective.

In the optimization of its processes, products and services, it is important to constantly evaluate the results that have been obtained, especially those that have to do with the measurements of the company, because if they are not complying with what has been proposed, they would not be complying with the precision and accuracy.

Answering if the productive process of a company is working, will help to know clearly what is the situation of the company, if it is necessary to acquire new equipment to meet the needs it has, or if it will be enough with a recalibration of its measuring machinery.

According to the evolution that the company has in its production processes, it will be easily noticed if the precision and accuracy of the results is real, which will guarantee the quality of its products and that there are no losses in that sense.

Those companies that do not want to go through problems in their production due to their measurement system, it is advisable to contact a company that offers this type of service, so that they are the ones in charge of verifying what they are needing for it.

As many companies are not familiar with the precision and accuracy in measurement, it is not very complicated for them to understand the subject well, and that is where they have to access those specialist companies that can help them with everything that has to do with measurement.

If there are no improvements in the companies that have measurement system, or in those that have workers so that with their actions they can improve the production they produce, through the information and processes they manage, they should seek to change that situation.

The measurement will always be in favor of improving the overall project that has a company, do it comprehensively, involving those who obtain and provide the information of the production processes, so the precision and accuracy become so important to generate real results.