What is industrial metrology?

21 June 2021

Many people are unaware of what industrial metrology is and its great importance for a company to be highly competitive. Therefore, it is necessary to go deeper into what it is, so that you can discover why it is convenient for business growth.

That’s why we at SEP Métrologie have consulted our top experts to develop a simple questionnaire that answers the most important questions about metrology in a timely manner. Based on experience and proper documentation, this questionnaire/article will seek to answer all your questions.

As you know, measurements are essential to guarantee results and quality. The same is true in industry, so it is impossible to continue any project without the proper adjustments, verifications and calibrations that you will only achieve with the application of industrial metrology.

So, having said that, let’s get started!


Industrial metrology, what is it?


While metrology is the science of measurements, it also encompasses all those methods, means and processes to carry them out. Therefore, when we talk about industrial metrology, we refer to everything related to industries and that can be measured for the benefit of its growth: metrology applied to the industrial sector.


Is industrial metrology important?


Having defined the concept, it remains to find out if industrial metrology is important. The answer is yes, but it raises more complex issues such as, for example, the opportunity for standardization of industrial products or effective competitiveness through innovation in industry.

Undoubtedly, industrial metrology allows control over the quality of the product or service offered. In the same way, it helps industries to have all the necessary tools for measurement.

On the other hand, it facilitates a cross-border exchange of technical, systematic and scientific information. This simple fact makes industrial metrology a pillar for the quality of the industrial sector to be maintained and reflected in all its activities, measurements, calibrations and tool settings.


What are its technical fields?


Once you have determined the importance of industrial metrology, you need to know which are the technical fields that comprise it. Below, we provide you with a list that might be of help to you.

  • Acoustic field, sounds, vibrations and ultrasounds.
  • Electromagnetism, electricity and magnetism. 
  • Products of chemical origin
  • Radiometry and photometry.
  • Frequency and longitude
  • Masses and magnitudes
  • Radioactivity
  • Thermometry
  • Time

What are the three metrological processes?


Another important fact you should know about industrial metrology is about its mode of operation. Its operation is divided into three complementary processes that allow better results in the business area. Below, we tell you in detail.


1. Adjustment process


When we talk about an adjustment operation, we refer to a set of processes that are made on a measuring instrument. This action is carried out to obtain precise indications and values of the quantities to be measured.


2. Verification process


On the other hand, when it comes to the verification process, it is when objective evidence is provided on the needs that a given element satisfies, based on previously specified requirements. Here, manuals, data sheets or standards provided by the manufacturer of the elements come into play. 


3. Calibration process


Finally, when we talk about the calibration process, we refer to the operation focused on ensuring that the relationship between values and uncertainties of measurements are in complete good condition. This must be done before the measurement, so that there is no mismatch in the values to be obtained.


What is metrological traceability?


At this point, knowing what metrological traceability is will be a great tool to maintain greater control over the results. So, a traceability is the value obtained and by which a reference can be related, after the documentation of all calibrations.

Therefore, to achieve an effective traceability it is necessary to have an unbroken chain of previous comparisons. Otherwise, it will be an incomplete or non-existent traceability, as there will be no documents or logs to support all possible variables in the measurement.


SEP Métrologie, experts in industrial metrology


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