What are the types of metrology?

06 January 2021

Metrology can be defined as the science that has as its objective the study of measurement systems, which can be extended into 3 different areas of knowledge, in order to contribute to or benefit the different measurement needs, in multiple areas.

It is also responsible for establishing measurement parameters and to be able to obtain stability in each of the tools used, to impose a unit of measurement. In this way, each one is immersed through it to a totally exhaustive study, to obtain precise results.

In SEP Metrologie, we are known for offering our services and products so that you are satisfied, giving the necessary maintenance and attention, for any type of instrument that implies some degree of measurement, avoiding the disproportionality of the object under study.

That is why we believe it is important for you to know the types of metrology that exist, so that you can know which one is convenient or correct for your measuring device.


Metrology and its different branches of study

As mentioned before, metrology is divided into different branches or types, where each one is characterized differently, according to the type of instruments or processes to be carried out.

Therefore, its objective of obtaining, supervising and expressing measurement or value is fulfilled, as long as the instruments are properly protected, cared for and supervised, in order to execute the exact measurement without any kind of alteration.

The specialists in these measurement studies are qualified to solve any inconvenience, giving priority to measurement as one of the main axes for the life of the human being, and the important role that this one plays in our daily life and our environment.

It is good to know that metrology is one of the main tools for economic development, since without it no activity could exist, through different means. This is also part of the requirements that must always be taken into account, in order to guarantee the quality and precision of all types of tools.

Industries must perform these measurement steps in order to obtain precise, clear and perfect answers from any product being generated, and thus be able to produce the confidence that is needed.

To give certainty and validity to all this information we have transmitted, we have broken down the different types of metrology, for a better understanding and fluidity of the subject.


Scientific metrology

This takes care of essential processes of different length and density, establishing a correct measurement in relation to any improvement activity, to maintain the same frequency and standard.

With the help of this type of metrology, different dispositions or parameters can be carried out that will allow an exact measurement, necessary for different processes or operations that are carried out in an essential way.

Scientific metrology is also divided into:

  • Thermal metrology.
  • Metric metrology.
  • Electrical metrology.
  • Fluid metrology.

Giving opening to some measurement patterns like:

  • Electromagnetic measurement.
  • Thermometry.

Legal metrology

It is the metrology that covers all types of measurement, since it is the only one that can establish specific standards and parameters, through the study of each one, covering a wider or total measurement methods.

It is governed by the International System of Units and, therefore, is the only one that can verify that in fact any measurement is correct, and without any warning or insecurity. It is from here that the provisions and all those permits that can endorse such work flow.

Some metrology of which it is divided are:

  • Volume, density.
  • Electrical metrology.
  • Metrology of materials.
  • And all kinds of measurements that study metrology.

Industrial metrology

It is the one that contributes to certain processes, in those industries of food, medicines, aesthetics products, among others. This opens up the study of different characteristics or primordial aspects, which all must comply with in a technical manner, to ensure the quality of the product.

Its pursuit is through patterns and the tracking of the brand or material, to produce in a safe, reliable, supported, and with a precision of correct use of different types of equipment or tools, for the elaboration of the product.

In SEP Metrologie, we ensure the sale and maintenance of all types of measuring instruments, which will help to contribute to the growth of your industry and to provide it with the necessary characteristics, to carry out a good accreditation.

Carrying out a good measurement method can open up different terms such as

  • Accuracy.
  • Repeatibility.
  • Reproducibility.

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