What is metrology and what is it used for?

16 October 2020

According to the Free Encyclopedia, metrology “is the science that studies the measurement of magnitudes, guaranteeing their standardization through traceability”.

This science deals with equipment related to the most diverse fields of measurement and is concerned with verifying and calibrating it so that it measures accurately.

For example, when we buy food by the pound or kilogram, or when we fill up with gasoline, we use a unit of measurement.

It is natural that we are interested in what we buy having the exact measurement that we are paying for, and that is where metrology comes into play, which calibrates the instruments.

A similar situation happens with the meters of our basic services, such as water or energy, we trust that the meter records the exact consumption of the service we are paying for.

Metering is related to all fields: science, industry and, of course, the military field. 

But it is not only related to the most diverse measurement equipment, this science is also related to the proper reading and interpretation of this data.

As metrology is related to measurements, as SEP Métrologie Inc we are concerned about working under the ISO standards: ISO 9001, ISO 10012, ISO/CEI 17025, among others. 

With this we guarantee the delivery of accurate results.


Metrology Services from SEP Metrologie Inc

The science of metrology is divided into various fields, among which are the measurement of planes, volumes, temperatures, pressure, weight, and threads, to mention a few.

As SEP Métrologie Inc we specialize in taking care of all dimensional measurements. 

Dimensional metrology is related to the measurement of geometrical magnitudes: dimensions, shapes, types of surface finishes.

For example, among the services we provide are calibration and certification related to distance, position, diameter, roundness, amplitude, among others.

We also offer our training and software services to manage or calibrate instruments.

Each measurement magnitude uses its parameters, has its own measurement units, as well as its range classification.

As professionals in dimensional measurements, we are aware of the requirements and techniques, as well as the methodologies needed to provide efficient results.

We are aware of the requirements of this science, so we provide a personalized calibration service.

Calibration of measuring instruments

As professionals in the area of dimensional measurements in metrology, you can trust us with your equipment.

In addition, if needed, we have the support of reliable suppliers that meet various quality standards.  

We are experts in calibrating instruments such as micrometers, callipers, tactile indicators, height meters, calibration brightness, buffers, rings, precision spheres, among others.

We are aware of providing immediate answers, so some of these instruments can be calibrated smoothly, on site. 

Our metrology laboratory, specialized in dimensional measurements, is certified by the Canadian Standards Council, as well as by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec. 

Our professional service will allow you to obtain a balance between time and costs, as well as an efficient management of your measurement instrument fleet. 

We also offer a replacement service for instruments of the most diverse brands, at reasonable prices.

As SEP Métrologie we love to accompany dimensional instrumentation projects, so do not hesitate to contact us.