SEP Métrologie Inc. est une entreprise offrant des services en métrologie, se spécialisant dans les mesures dimensionnelles. Nous offrons des services de formation, logiciel pour la gestion du parc des instruments et l’étalonnage d’instruments de mesure et d’essai de type dimensionnel.

The mission of SEP Métrologie Inc. is to offer all its clients a quality service, respecting the requirements of the various ISO standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 10012, ISO/IEC 17025 and others. Our services are personalized according to the customer’s real needs and thus promote the continuous improvement of our company and that of the customer. This mission allows our customers to benefit from optimal quality of their measuring instruments while benefiting from the management and planning of their instrument park at a competitive cost.

Why use a custom calibration services?

Simply because your customers’ demands are high and your quality standards are even higher. In a world where competition makes no compromises, you owe it to yourself to respond quickly to your customers’ specifications, without making any mistakes. SEP Métrologie Inc. offers you a professional and personalized service, which can also be carried out directly on your premises, allowing you to reduce the time required to calibrate your instruments to a minimum.